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Looking for a unique and mystical experience? Look no further than our Healing Crystal playing card reading. With this option, you'll receive a personalized reading guided by the power of crystals. And you will also get 1 crystal card with the crystal or crystal ring of your choice.

Choose from two options:

1) Reading w/Raw Crystal - During your reading, I will pull four cards and one additional card to reveal your surprise crystal. You'll receive both the insight from the cards and a raw crystal to keep with you for continued healing energy.

2) Reading w/Raw Crystal Ring - Similar to option one, I will provide you with four cards and an additional card revealing your surprise crystal. In addition to this, you'll also receive a beautiful raw crystal ring as another way to incorporate healing crystals into your life.

Trust in the power of both tarot readings and healing crystals with our Healing Crystal playing card readings.

Three options:

1. Raw Crystal could be tumbled obsidian/Citrine or whatever card I pull raw crystal as shown on pictures

2. Raw Crystal Ring-Gold plated adjustable

3. Raw Crystal Ring-Silver 925 adjustable

I offer insights, guidance, perspectives, healing, and possiblities. Ultimately your actions and decisions are the true shapers of your life path. Always stay true to your self by embracing the journey with an open heart, and remember each step and decision is a thread in the beautiful tapestry of your life.

Trust your intuition and inner strength . Your life's journey is uniquely yours, a path of learning,,, growth, and fulfillment to reach your full potential this life. Readings offer clarity, understanding, inspiration, and a sense of guidance as you navigate the intricate pathways of your life.

Oracle Deck unfold a crystal and message that may speak to an issue in your life right now or that you need guidance on. Each Deck has 55 cards and includes 47 cards which depicts a photo of the crystal, it's name, three associated keywords, associated Chakras, the crystal system and its hardness; as well as 8 summary cards.

There are 48 cards in each of these decks and each contains the Zodiac name, the represented issue, a photo of the crystal as well as an affirmation for that crystals. Cards in Deck 1 contain crystals for Birthstones, Health, Love, and Manifestation. In Deck 2, there are crystal cards for Luck, Stress, Sun & Moon, and Transitions.

Reading w/Surprise Raw Crystal or Crystal Ring your Choice!



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