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Introducing our Penis Enlargement Essential Oil – a solution for increased growth, extension, and delayed sex time.

Usage Guidelines:

- Each bottle is a one-month supply, typically effective within 15-30 days based on individual constitution.

- A course of treatment involves 4 bottles for optimal effectiveness, resulting in an extension of 3-5 cm.

How to use the 4 bottles for penis enlargement:

1. **First Bottle:** Repairs damaged cells.

2. **Second Bottle:** Facilitates effective absorption through massage.

3. **Third Bottle:** Thickens, hardens, and delays.

4. **Fourth Bottle:** Consolidates the achieved results.

For noticeable results, especially if your body is on the weaker side, we recommend purchasing 8 bottles. Long-term use enhances physical fitness, and after completing a course of four bottles, the penis may increase by 3-5cm.


1. Contains a variety of essential oils that effectively regulate the mechanisms in men, restoring normal functionality.

2. Addresses issues such as impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, low libido, slow growth, weak erection, and ejaculation intensity.

3. Designed to increase penis length and extend sex duration while promoting overall sexual health.

Usage and Dosage:

Apply five drops directly onto the penis and massage thoroughly for ten minutes for optimal absorption. Use once a day, and consider kidney massage to alleviate fatigue and other symptoms.

Package Includes: [Include details about the contents of the package.]

MK Penis Enlargement Oil 30ml for Men



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